Steve Roth

I am a Director of Development for SideStudios. In my current role, I am developing websites in Python, .Net, and PHP.

iOS Development

Double Solitaire

The most addictive solitaire game you've ever played! Go to to download!

Some other projects I've led

Social Networking Application Platform

SNAP was a Social Networking Suite, including blogs, profiles, photos, videos, message boards, and more, giving FOX properties and partners the ability to build a community within their own websites. I built SNAP from the ground up, first as the lead developer, then, as the team grew, as Manager of a team of up to 12 developers.

SNAP powered the social networking sites for American Idol, FOX Sports, and FOX local stations, among others. The platform was performance tuned to handle more than 5 thousand hits per second, and saw around 5 million registered users, and helped increase's user base 190%.


Publisher Network

FOX Audience Network, referred to by TechCrunch as the "Crown Jewel" of News Corp., is a top 10 advertising network, originally built to serve ads on MySpace. In an effort to build our publisher base beyond a single social network, we built the Publisher Network. I was an architect and senior developer for the Publisher Network Portal, which helped FOX Audience Network grow to a top 5 ad network, as rated by Comscore. The portal manages ad placements for over 1,000 publishers, as well as providing reporting for those publishers.